Wk 12 Packers @ Lions

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Wk 12 Packers @ Lions Empty Wk 12 Packers @ Lions

Post  Luke4202 on Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:24 pm

I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT GAME! That is probably the most exciting game of madden I have ever played. When I put down the controller, my hands were shaking.

For the rest of you, AP's first carry was an 88yd TD run and he didn't slow down much after that. He finished with 260-ish yards and 3 TD's. Golden Tate burned Stanford Routt badly at least twice, and Cutler didn't throw a pick all game. Even more remarkably, I don't remember him throwing a single ball that could have/should have been picked all game. Lubricantshrimp has excellent skills reading the defense, he did take some sacks, but I don't feel like he forced a single throw the whole game.

I kicked a field goal with 1:09 remaining to go up by 3 but Lubricantshrimp still had 3 time outs. Peterson continued to stomp my ass into the ground but then I injured him with about 45 seconds remaining. By this point, Lubricantshrimp was at my 40 yard line, but he would go no further. Its kind of a blur, but I believe I sacked him on first down causing him to burn his last time out. At that point, I was able to lay back in dime coverage and I believe I sacked him on 2 of the next 3 plays.

Great game in a great league, its a pity that somebody had to lose that one. Thanks for the great game.


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Wk 12 Packers @ Lions Empty Re: Wk 12 Packers @ Lions

Post  LubricantShrimp on Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:34 am

haha yaa it was a great game man! defense wasnt clutch and thats what cost me! you forgot to mention you played real well all game too! haha


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