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Post  MCTK3 on Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:31 pm

2 week absence.. (real weeks)

Going away on business.. Will be gone from this evening (6th) until after NEXT week (18th?).. I may be home on the weekend in between, but I am likely to be unable to play 4-5 weeks (Madden weeks) upcoming..

I realize this is not an acceptable thing, but obviously a career comes before online Madden..

It is up to you, I can be removed from the league and teams can play the CPU, then I rejoin in 2 weeks when I am back, or all my games get simulated..

I obviously would prefer the latter, but I understand how crucial it is for teams to actually get to play their games rather than being simulated..

I will be able to be on the internet and check this site, but will be away from an xbox..


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